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Anusbigian Sales recently had the privilege of speaking to Caleb Tuning, Vice President of Carpenter’s Roofing and Sheet Metal, about his expertise with Ludowici Terra Cotta Roof Tile custom colors. Caleb’s extensive knowledge and experience with the Ludowici custom color development process has placed him and his company in a class all their own.  Look at what Caleb has to say:

What do your clients look for or appreciate about Ludowici Custom Colors?

Our clients are heard. We can take their root inspirations and translate that into exactly what they want with the custom options.  It’s not a “square peg into a round hole” situation. We listen to what the client wants through project managers, designers, etc., and we interpret that and deliver. Here are a few examples:

  • The client project started with Desert Sand and went custom. A very specific color tone was requested for their roof, and Ludowici was able to deliver.
  • Architects had a bid request for a very specific color blend – buff and brown with no red. Ludowici is the only company that can hit a buff and brown with no red. They can control the range of colors. Ludowici produced three different mock-ups showing the full spectrum of buff and brown: full-color range, light-to-medium color range, and medium-to-heavy color range.
  • Another specific design request from architects was created through three separate mock-ups to show tones and textures to meet their intent.

Without Ludowici, we would be asking our clients to settle for another tile brand. They are not a “take it or leave it tile brand.”

How do Ludowici’s colors differentiate from other providers or options in the industry?

Ludowici has significantly more standard colors as well as Hi-definition colors. Our clients are not limited by “running line” colors only. Grab a Benjamin Moore color book, pick a color, and Ludowici can match it.

How do you position Ludowici Custom Colors to a client vs. the alternatives in the industry?

We tell our clients that there is more to choose from – exponentially more!

Do color-tiled roofs increase a home’s value?

YES! Absolutely!

Does a roof type or angle limit a client’s options for Ludowici Custom Colors?

Absolutely not. Virtually any custom color on any type of roof tile and slope is available. Slopes can, however, change the appearance of colors, so clients should keep that in mind when choosing a color option. The same color on two different slopes can appear very differently. When you have different slopes on a roof, you can see more of the full-color spectrum in your roof tiles.

What has been the most challenging ask of a client when working with Ludowici Custom Colors?

Customization doesn’t add any complications to the situation. I guess the biggest challenge is interpreting the English language describing their inspiration and goals, and then translating it into actionable items for the ceramic engineers to ultimately get the client’s approval. Determining what the client wants can be the biggest challenge.

Lead times for custom colors can be difficult at times. Creating custom clay samples specific to their intent can take time, but with proper communication, we can work through most scenarios.

Often, we can do a shotgun approach, which sometimes includes our interpretation of a client’s design intent versus their literal communication in the initial sample color. We must think long and hard to truncate the time frame and cover all our bases.

Is there a Ludowici Custom Color request you or the company wouldn’t or couldn’t execute?

No, nothing comes to mind. We have always been able to satisfy the client’s needs. We have never had a client request a custom color that we couldn’t meet.

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For more information about Carpenter’s Roofing & Sheet Metal, please read and see more on their website:

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