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Beautiful Roofs in South Florida

Ludowici - ludoshake profile in earth gray

LudoShake is a stunning product alternative to natural wood shake. Color blend options abound, this profile is versatile for a variety of projects.

Images courtesy of Altec Roofing.

Ludowici - Italia profile, desert sand with matte white mist color blend

The Italia profile is a 16” Straight Barrel Cover paired with flat pans to create this old world look. This non-standard two spray color blend combines Ludowici’s Desert Sand with a Matte White mist on top.

Ludowici - Spanish 18-3/8” Profile in Summer rose

Ludowici’s Spanish 18-3/8” profile offers a classic look and value any property owner can appreciate. The Summer Rose color blend is a lighter 'reddish orange’ hue.

Ludowici - Classic 14” Profile in ash gray

The Classic 14” profile is an interlocking tile with a smooth face. Paired with the V-Hip & Ridge this creates a clean look.