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Made from the finest raw material, excellence in manufacturing and centuries of craftsmanship allow Ludowici to offer the finest architectural terra cotta products in the world. Ludowici tiles are fired at over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, vitrifying the glaze colors into the tile producing a color-permanent product that will never chalk, fade, or effloresce. In addition, these tiles have a proven track record in various climates, including artic conditions and tropical heat. This pairing of old-world craftsmanship and modern production technology allows Ludowici to stand behind our products with the best warranty in the roofing industry.

What Makes Ludowici’s Warranty the Best?

Ludowici’s warranties are non-prorated, unlike other material warranties in the roofing industry, including certain “lifetime” warranties. In addition, our material warranty includes color, while others do not. Color is often not included in a materials warranty because roofing products fade, and their appearance diminishes over time. Ludowici’s warranties are backed by a company that has been in continuous operation since 1888, with millions of terra cotta tiles installed in all weather climates that are still in use after 100 years.

Does Ludowici’s warranty cover color?

Yes! Unlike other manufacturers, Ludowici’s warranty also covers color. Therefore, the tile will not be considered defective concerning color, shade, or hue so long as the color, shade, or hue provided does not vary more than two Hunter E units from the original tile sample. A change in one Hunter Unit is not detectable by the human eye. A change of two Hunter units is “perceptible through close observation.”

How Do I Get My Ludowici Warranty After my Purchase?

To get your final Ludowici warranty, you must submit a completed warranty request form on the completed project. Once all necessary information is supplied, reviewed, approved, and all final invoices are paid in full, the final warranty certificate will be issued.

If you want to upgrade your roof, look no further than Ludowici clay tiles. In Southeast and Southwest Florida, contact Anusbigian Sales to find out why Ludowici is your go-to for the best roofing tile in the industry.

Anusbigian Sales wants to ensure that your roof is high-quality with the best warranty. Homeowners should understand that all roofing warranties are different and are not all created equal. Warranties also do not last forever. Ensure that you select one with an extended coverage period. Contact us today, and let us help you find the best roof for you and your home.

Anusbigian Sales is a family operation. The family transplanted from cold and wintery Michigan to sunny South Florida in the mid-2000s. We provide professional sales representation for two of the premier roofing product manufacturers in South Florida.