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When you choose Landmark PRO® shingles by CertainTeed, you are investing in roofing materials that will add value to your home. In addition, there are financial benefits to choosing these shingles in the short and long term. CertainTeed’s shingles stand high above the rest compared to others on the market.

Learn about the value of CertainTeed shingles and why they should be your top choice for roofing materials.

A Track Record of Quality

CertainTeed’s family of Landmark shingles is a staple of our residential roofing products. They combine high-quality raw materials and world-class manufacturing techniques. These things combined create products that are all-at-once durable and beautiful.

The selected asphalt blends in our shingles have a long track record of proven performance.

When you choose Landmark PRO or any other Landmark shingles, you will have peace of mind from our 100+ year legacy of roofing. Since 1904, CertainTeed has been the leader in the roofing industry. And we continue to look for ways to improve products further.

Multiple Protection Points with Landmark PRO

Landmark shingles are made with high-quality materials and created with the latest processes to increase performance and maintain their appearance. In addition, Landmark PRO shingles feature roofing technology that provides advanced protection against weather extremes, all while keeping the aesthetic beauty of your roof intact.

For example, CertainTeed’s STREAKFighter® algae resistance uses copper-core granules on the shingle’s surface to prevent ugly dark streaks caused by algae growth. In addition, CertaSeal® adhesive helps to prevent high winds from lifting or loosening shingles. This provides long-term protection against moisture infiltration that can lead to leaks, structural damage, and mold.

Investing in quality roofing materials provides a roof that lasts and saves you from the expense of repairs or replacement in the future.

Roofing Shingles Back by an Industry-Leading Warranty

CertainTeed’s commitment to quality continues once the roof is installed.

They offer the best warranty in the industry when it comes to coverage against manufacturer defects. Others’ warranties may only cover leaks but not aesthetic defects. CertainTeed feels that you deserve better coverage. After all, you are choosing a shingle that protects against leaks and looks great. So, they cover both!

This warranty backs all CertainTeed asphalt shingles, and their SureStart® warranty provides additional coverage. In addition, SureStart provides added protection in the crucial early years following installation.

To learn more about CertainTeed’s protection related to your Landmark shingle choice, visit their Warranty Information page.

Compare the Cost of CertainTeed Products Yourself

If you want to compare the cost and quality of CertainTeed shingles with competitors, let us help. Anusbigian Sales are skilled professionals with over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry. We will help you understand the cost, what to expect with a project, and which shingles offer the best bang for your buck. We want you to feel confident when choosing your roofing materials. When you select Landmark PRO shingles, know that you are investing in products that use the latest technology and quality materials.

Anusbigian Sales is a family operation. The family transplanted from cold and wintery Michigan to sunny South Florida in the mid-2000s. We provide professional sales representation for two premier roofing product manufacturers in South Florida.