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Your Imagination is the Limit

In today’s world, everyone wants to stand out, be different, or be unique. Ludowici has been doing that for its clients for over 130 years. They provide unique, beautiful terra cotta clay tile products that stand the test of time. Whether you are an architect, designer, homeowner, or contractor, Ludowici offers infinitely customizable clay tiles and a 58-color standard color line. Ludowici prides themselves in their long history of color mastery and being widely accepted in the industry as glazed terra cotta tile experts. If you or your clients want to stand out and be unique, look no further. The color possibilities are endless with Ludowici clay tile and the ability to custom-match nearly any hue. Your imagination is the limit.

Colors of Ludowici

Terra cotta, by nature, is warm, earthy, and inviting. The natural qualities of terra cotta can be enhanced by adding a glaze mixture before firing to create spectacular colors that cannot be replicated on any other roofing material. Creating the color of Ludowici’s clay roof tiles is part science and part art. A natural range of tones exists within any color. The different range of tones that arises from the manufacturing process is a normal and desirable feature of natural clay tile. These colors impart richness and character and add a more dimensional appearance to any roof.

Ludowici has over 50 standard colors in a variety of hues and sheens. From gleaming glosses to Ludowici’s patented multi-spray glazing techniques to hand-crafted finish textures, it makes them the industry’s leader in creating colors and surface textures. Ludowici’s color glazes are kiln-fired at extreme temperatures, fusing the color into the tile and ensuring that the original tones and hues are retained for generations. This high-temperature firing process produces vibrant colors that are fade-resistant, and will not spall, effloresce, or show significant change over time.  In addition, they are the only manufacturer to include color in their 75-year limited material warranty.  The color is warranted to not change more than two Hunter E units in 75 years.  The color you select will be the same color many decades later.

Custom Colors of Ludowici

If you or your clients cannot find a suitable color for a project from Ludowici’s standard color line, that’s okay. They can customize any color, hue, and texture to suit your project needs. Does your homeowner have a specific color in mind? No need to worry. Ludowici is an expert in creating custom colors and surface textures. Ludowici’s expert ceramic engineers have created hundreds of custom colors – all to meet the needs of design professionals worldwide. They work hand in hand with your architect, designer, and homeowner to create a beautiful custom color and a color that blends and designs, mixing hues to create a subtle or dramatic, one-of-a-kind statement roof.

Custom Color Process

Mixing custom color glaze for clay tile is more complex than mixing paint colors. Ludowici’s ceramic engineers must start with a basic formula, and based on the desired color, they mix, adjust, and fire different formulas to test each outcome. Those fired colors (glazes) are then analyzed, modified, and remixed time and time again until the desired color formula is created.

All good things take time, so it’s a must to factor in the time for this process into your project timeline.

Impressionist Series Blend

This series utilizes two or three complementary shades applied randomly over a base color to create the patina of a century-old roof. Standard blends can be chosen, or custom blends can be made. Impressionist Series colors are available on all barrel, interlocking, and shingle tiles. This excludes French.

Shake Color Blends

Ludowici’s wood shake alternatives provide a variety of surface textures that mimic the b    appearance of natural wood. Their pressed grooves, scratching, and rugged butts make them the perfect choice for those projects requiring a more authentic appearance.

Ludowici’s Custom Color Development Process

Ludowici’s custom color development process takes time. The time to create a custom color terra cotta roof tile must be factored into your client’s project scheduling. If you are ready to begin this process, you will need to do the following:

  • Brand new custom colors require a one-time Custom Color Development fee of $600 – $1,200,
  • This one-time fee must be paid up-front to start the development process.
  • Previously developed custom colors do not have a development fee
  • After a review of a piece of roof tile, paint chip, or other items that shows the desired color, the ceramic engineer will determine which glazes to use to begin the process.
  • Ludowici will come as close as possible to the desired color.
  • The exact color match cannot be guaranteed for several reasons.
    • Paint is made with different raw materials and a manufacturing process than terra cotta glazes for roof tile.
    • A historic color cannot be replicated without using lead or cadmium for reds and oranges.
    • Ludowici’s engineers must utilize their knowledge of how specific mineral compounds interact with glass frits (powdered glass) and other minerals in the kiln to try to come close to a color made with lead in the glaze.
    • Using this knowledge, they will try to reproduce a color as close as possible to the new desired color or the historic color.
  • Color Samples are made on 6″ x 12″ color slabs.
  • Sometimes, Ludowici can match on the first attempt. Often it takes 3-5 trials to get a match.
  • Lead times for custom color slabs are typically between 4-6 weeks.

No matter what project you or your client have in mind, Ludowici offers a terra cotta clay roof tile to make it one-of-a-kind. There is no limit to the imagination. So let Ludowici cover your next project in unique beauty that will stand the test of time.

Anusbigian Sales is your go-to representative for Ludowici Roof Tile. For more information about the Ludowici colors or to start your custom color roof tile, contact us today.