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At Anusbigian, we believe in the power of community, and we’re excited to present an opportunity for our valued CertainTeed roofing business partners to make a meaningful impact. With Veteran’s Day just around the corner, we’re thrilled to introduce our social media promotion that allows you to honor our veterans and promote your roofing services simultaneously. 

We’ve prepared turnkey ads that you can use to spread the word about your business and CertainTeed’s Roofs for Red, White, and Blue program. The best part? You can personalize the ads with your own company logo, making them a perfect fit for your brand. Let’s walk through the process of downloading and customizing these ads. We’ll also discuss utilizing these visuals effectively to enhance your online presence and celebrate our veterans. 

Your Key To Success

Our ads for Roofs for Red, White, and Blue are designed to make your promotion efforts hassle-free and effective. These ads come in two versions: generic and customizable with your company logo. You can choose the generic version and add your logo to make them uniquely yours. 

No Forms to Fill Out: We’re offering this service to you as a CertainTeed Roofer with no strings attached. It’s absolutely FREE! 

Download Pre-Sized Images: We have already sized the images for social media so you can skip the hassle of resizing.  Images available HERE

**To get your graphic from the Resource page, simply right-click on the image and save it to your computer.

Add Your Logo: Import the ad images and company logo into your preferred graphics application. You can use tools like Canva, GIMP, Corel Draw, Adobe Express, or Adobe Acrobat (excluding Acrobat Reader) 

Save and Download: Once you have added your logo, save the final image. It’s ready to be shared across your social media channels, emails, and more. 

How to Use these Ads

Now that you have personalized your ads, it’s time to use them to your advantage. Here are some practical ways to make the most out of CertainTeed’s Roofs for Red, White, and Blue promotion: 

  1. Add to Your Home Page: Update your website’s home page with customized ads. This will immediately catch the eye of visitors, showing them that you support veterans and provide quality roofing services. 
  2. Post on Social Channels: Share these ads on your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Highlight the importance of honoring veterans while promoting your roofing business. 
  3. Boost Your Posts: Invest in boosting these posts to reach a larger and more targeted audience. Social media platforms offer options for paid promotions that can help you gain more visibility. 
  4. Include in an Email Blast: Create a dedicated email campaign for Veteran’s Day featuring your customized ads. This is an excellent way to reach out to your existing clients and inform them about your promotion. 
  5. Share Informative Content: Alongside the ads, share our informative blog post about the program. This will give your audience more context about the promotion, adding credibility to your cause. 


We appreciate your partnership with CertainTeed and your dedication to honoring veterans. Anusbigian Sales is here to support your efforts in promoting CertainTeed’s roofing products and, at the same time, giving back to the community. With our customizable ads and these practical ways to use them, you have the tools to make this Veteran’s Day special for your business and the veterans you support. 

Thank you for being a CertainTeed roofer and for making a positive impact in your community. If you ever need assistance or have questions about CertainTeed roofing products, please know we are here to help. Together, we can make a difference. 

**Roofs for Red, White, and Blue program is available to all U.S. military members who have a CertainTeed Credentialed Roofer install their Integrity Roof System before December 31st, 2023**